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Literary eXpatriates

LX: Challenge Arena

Literary eXpatriates Challenge Arena of DOOOM!!!
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This is a challenge arena for the LX writing group. LX is a writing group organized originally by chrismaverick loosely based out of Pittsburgh, PA, most of its original members having some sort of former tie to the Carnegie Mellon University English Department Creative Writing Program, but anyone may feel free to join. Over the years, departure from Pittsburgh, other commitments and general laziness have pushed the LX group into a kind of remission. sui66iy had the idea to use LJ as a means of generating story ideas through polls and this community exists as a means to start a virtual workshop in a manner of speaking using that concept.

The Challenge Arena exists as a place where people can challenge other members to write stories of a criteria of their choosing. Challenges may be issued to specific members or to the membership in general, and challenges may be requested. Stories may then be posted here and critiqued. Please play nicely, children.

Your moderators are chrismaverick and sui66iy.