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Back to School Time

I therefore challenge you to think. Part of my plan this year is to have a weekly "bonus" assignment, contest, whatever you want to call it. That way if anyone wants extra credit, it's planned for and available without me having to think of anything. Of course, I have to think of these things in advance. I want the assignments to focus on fun things about language, challenging the kids to think about some cool aspects of words and grammar. So here are some of the ones I've thought of so far. Anything you can suggest along these lines or totally different but cool will be used.

Ex: radar, Hannah, Able was I ere I saw Elba
Prize for student with the longest list of palindromes
Prize for student with the single longest palindrome

Alphabet Code
There is a standard code used by police - N as in Nancy, D as in David.
The student has to come up with his/her own totally new code using all 26 letters and real English words or names, providing a definition for any unusual words. Doing this around a theme would be extra cool.

Opposites are Alike
Those weird phrases we have where the opposite means the same thing - the house burned down, the house burned up. (This is not my favorite example; I could use a better one as I am brain-impaired right now and can't think of any.)
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