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a little late, but hey

my response to thwomp's second challenge. i might still get around to the first 'cause i like the idea, but i knew right away what i wanted to do for this one, just took a while to get to it.

push push push ooooh have you called the doctor yet it hurts push push push i did shes meeting us at the hospital she says not to push push push until we get there can you make it to the car oooh i dont know i think i have to push push push its not that far honey the hospital is only a couple miles remember to breathe breathe breathe i am breathing you try it if you think its so easy in out in out in ooooohhh why arent we there yet push push push the baby really wants to come ooouut in out in out breathe okay we re here hey somebody can you help me get her in there its okay miss we ll have you there in just a push push push ooooh why does the ceiling feel so low like itll push me into this stretcher honey where are you i want you with me now remember dear its much easier if you do your breathing in out in im here honey and so is doctor willard yes we ll have you in the room in a moment push push push ooooooohhhh just let me have a look okay its okay you can push push push
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