C. Deighan Eaton (thwomp) wrote in lx_arena,
C. Deighan Eaton

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I cheated and used apostrophes

Connie come in here and get this nice lady a cup of coffee God I have not seen you since well since I can’t remember when really it has been a long time Connie where is that coffee you need to meet this woman you wont see her every day I am giddy and giggly How have you been What have you been doing with yourself since I saw you last Connie Hey Connie what about that coffee Grandpa there isn’t any woman Go on Connie get some coffee for him he’s been talking to noone all night listen to him Heehee well how is he Has he been doing alright Is everything going well for you up there Haven’t any of you said anything to him all night you just leave him talking to noone Well he’s probably talking to someone we just don’t know who it is Heehee
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