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Baby Babaland

He sits squiggling on the Sea-doo. Hands pressed to his abdomen on each side for support.

“Ba-ba! Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba!” A giggle, a trilling trickle “Ba-ba-ba! Uvvmmm”.

“Nathan! Nathan, look at the camera!” mommy tries to gently command an unyielding 7 month old, hiding her face behind his midsection, a picturesque picture of the baby on a machine he’s unable to operate.

She slides him slowly from the vinyl seat. “Who’s a silly boy? Who’s a silly boy, you? Yes! Yes yes yes! Yes you are, mommy’s silly sleepy baby boy!”

A sleepy smile, drowsy eyes droop droop dropping followed by a sudden clarity “must not fall asleep!” dawning in his just now dropy gaze.

“Ba-ba ba! Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba!” Hiccough “Ba-ba”.

Dad dodges some drool. “Babies say the weirdest things over and over and over again”, he adds sopping up slobber from a sodden cheek.

“Ba!” A squeak! High pitched squealy squeak. “Ba-ba! Ooooooooooh. Uvvmmmmm. Ba-ba-ba!”
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